With a love for ethical fishing and serving their own community, owners Brad and Dagny Leggott have taken the step to support both Northland fisherman and consumers, by opening a pristine processing facility in Northland.

This means that Northland eateries and public have access to locally fresh caught fish, without the time delays and economic loss of produce being freighted to Auckland, processed and resold back to Northland.

Northland fishermen now can commercially sell their catch locally; reinvesting and boosting Northland's economy. As a commercial fisherman of 18 years, Brad Leggott is particularly empathetic to our local generational fishermen. The support and convenience which Fish to Fish offers, has reignited the passion for many of these fishermen.

With sustainability in their hearts, the small family operated fishing boats which supply Fish to Fish, are ethically committed to only harvesting produce at premium peak condition and quality. From receiving to dispatching, Fish to Fish prides itself on its strict quality control systems, ensuring only the best quality produce leaves their doors.